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Insulation Compliance Made Easy: Expert Assessment in NZ

In the current climate, the Healthy Homes and H1 regulations bring new layers of compliance considerations for both retrofit and new build projects. Navigating these regulations can be a complex task, but with Mates Rates Insulation, you’re not alone.

Our team is thoroughly versed in all the relevant regulations, ensuring your retrofit or new build project seamlessly aligns with the required standards as applicable.

Aligning with Your Project Goals

Beyond compliance, our insulation assessment report delves into the specifics needed to meet your project goals. We align our insights and recommendations with your objectives, ensuring the insulation resonates with your vision for the project.

Clear Insight into Costs

Budgeting is critical to any project and understanding the cost implications of every aspect is essential.

Our report clearly shows the recommended insulation install costs, providing the financial insights needed for informed decision-making. This transparency in cost detail ensures your compliance costs stays within budgetary boundaries while achieving insulation excellence with quality materials.

Comprehensive Insulation Assessment Reports

Embarking on any project requires clear insight into the insulation status and needs.

At Mates Rates Insulation, we offer a full insulation assessment report, a valuable tool for understanding the insulation landscape of your rental property.

Our report outlines the existing insulation, the necessary upgrades for compliance and any potential exemptions. This detailed insight is crucial in formulating a robust strategy, ensuring compliance and optimal comfort.

Navigating Exemptions and Compliance Needs

Our insulation assessment report provides clear information on whether your rental property is exempt from Healthy Homes compliance requirements and describes the steps required to comply with the Healthy Homes regulation.

This clarity ensures your rental property stays on the right path, meeting all regulatory requirements and avoiding any potential setbacks.

Effortless Quote Provision

We have two paid reports available, a basic assessment report and a comprehensive insulation assessment report service, ensuring you receive detailed, personalised and accurate information for your rental’s needs, whether retrofit or new construction.

However, for those ready to begin their insulation install journey and seeking a quote, we provide free estimates, ensuring you have all the information you need to begin the process confidently and clearly.

Healthy Homes Vs H1 Regulations

All of these different regulations can get very confusing and even frustrating to make sure that you’re being compliant with your rental or new build.  

Get Clarity on Your Insulation Needs

Need an in-depth assessment report or a straightforward quote? We’re here to assist! Click below and email us through the Contact Page on this website.

Let’s ensure your project, home or rental shines with compliance and quality!

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