Healthy Homes Vs H1 Regulations

Healthy Homes Vs H1 Regulations 

Which is which?  

All of these different regulations can get very confusing and even frustrating to make sure that you’re being compliant with your rental or new build.  

Healthy Homes

Healthy homes are strictly for rental properties to ensure that the tenant is living in an appropriately insulated, heated and ventilated home.  Your own home does not need to reach these standards, but obviously it would be advantageous to ensure that your home is. (It also helps if it does meet the healthy homes standards if you ever choose to rent your home) 

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H1 Regulations

H1 regulations are strictly for new build properties, that are under 300m2 (then it doesn’t apply) the idea behind the increase in insulation is that the home will use 40% less energy to heat and cool it, therefore making it cheaper in the long run.  This regulation uses a calculation to determine the floor, walls and ceiling insulation requirements and takes in consideration such things as doors and windows to establish what insulation ratings are needed.  

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